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CEO & Founder, Charles Czarnecki

Berlin | New York

CZMaestro is the conglomerate umbrella company, online resource, & project portfolio of international creative entrepreneur, Charles Czarnecki.

Charles and his extensive and diverse network of collaborators and partners around the world have created a wide spectrum of creative properties and creative content over the last 20 years. Here you will find a breakdown of services provided as well as some featured creative entities from the vast portfolio of CZMaestro. Projects are nurtured, developed and delivered with care, precision and open-mindedness for each individual client. If you have a creative idea it can surely be fully realized here.

Reach out directly through the contact link below, or listen, follow, or network with the online media and social media links.

Charles Czarnecki - Creative Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of CZMaestro, retouched

Featured projects

CZMaestro Services: Creative support & resources for your project needs

CZMaestro’s range of services are easily understood through three primary departments: Development, Education & Coaching, and Consulting. Charles will personally guide you through the best options for your needs.


Whether your idea is as simple as a short song idea you’ve always wanted to finish, as ambitious as producing your first independent film or as specialized as finding the perfect sound and brand for your musical group… read more »

Education & Coaching

CZMaestro’s remote and in-person educational and coaching services range from private study to private coaching and branch out into lectures and masterclasses at public and private institutions… read more »


CZMaestro’s consulting services exist within the development of your project, but it can also be an independent for-hire service. In a creative setting quite often CZMaestro is hired to examine your project in detail… read more »

Charles Czarnecki Services: World-class musician and music services for hire

Charles can be hired directly for his professional services. Please find extended bios for each of his primary areas of expertise below.

Arranger / Orchestrator

As with many music directors, Charles’s experience as an arranger / orchestrator started with producers and directors asking him to do things he had never done which they just assumed were part of being a music director.  read more »

Conductor / Pianist / Music Director

Charles’s experience as a pianist and conductor range from the most formal venues and ensembles to the most experimental and modern. He first sat down at a piano at age 2 plunking out tunes… read more »

Music Producer

Charles’s career as a music producer was a trial-by-fire lit by early collaborators who saw his potential as a producer long before he did. That, mixed with him being bold enough to actually say yes to insane requests… read more »


CZMaestro, studio

Charles Czarnecki is a Creative Entrepreneur working in international entertainment industries as a music supervisor, music producer, conductor, orchestrator, vocal arranger, pianist, executive producer, curator, creative consultant, development/marketing consultant, & pitch ninja.

Impressing his early mentors & teachers at a very young age, he has worked as a professional music director, conductor, & pianist since the age of 16. He made his Broadway debut conducting Jersey Boys and his Carnegie Hall debut conducting / orchestrating for / vocal arranging for the New York Pops both in 2006. read more »

For additional information on the above projects, additional projects, or questions about how CZMaestro can assist in the full realization of your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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