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Educational and Coaching services range from private study to private coaching and branch out into lectures and masterclasses.

Education and Coaching

CZMaestro’s remote and in-person educational and coaching services range from private study (piano, music theory, music production, arranging, orchestration, conducting, percussion) to private coaching (public speaking, acting, singing, chamber music, audition preparation, music production, groove) and branch out into lectures and masterclasses at public and private institutions.

Charles Czarnecki [Bio] has a unique approach to education mixing his informal and inviting personality with his formal study and vast industry experience.

Professional and collaborative anecdotes play a big role in not only educating students and professionals but also giving them exciting and personal perspective on how things play out in the real world.

Czarnecki’s formal education in Classical music and the social sciences combined with his career in pop music, musical theater, world music, rock, jazz, film, etc. give a unique and open perspective of how the arts can be both extremely specialized but also profoundly universal.

An emphasis on establishing and maintaining professional relationships is integral in Czarnecki’s approach to teaching and coaching.

Other services


Whether your idea is as simple as a short song idea you’ve always wanted to finish, as ambitious as producing your first independent film or as specialized as finding the perfect sound and brand for your musical group… read more »


CZMaestro’s consulting services exist within the development of your project, but it can also be an independent for-hire service. In a creative setting quite often CZMaestro is hired to examine your project in detail… read more »

For additional information on services provided like education and coaching, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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