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Charles holds various certificates of completion from international festivals and various awards from international competitions.

Charles’s experience as a pianist, conductor and music director range from the most formal venues and ensembles to the most experimental and modern. He first sat down at a piano at age 2 plunking out tunes he had heard on the radio. This led to lessons at a very young age and eventually the decision to pursue a formal conservatory education though the spectrum of music he played and studied included gospel, jazz, Broadway, rock, and even an impressive range of world music.

While achieving a Bachelor’s from Purchase Conservatory and a Master’s from Manhattan School of Music (both in Classical Piano Performance) he worked professionally in the New York scene as a music director and educator in musical theater. This quickly led to other areas of interest and branched out into much more live performance and conducting.

His very first experiences conducting were confined to standing on his desk chair as a young child and conducting to cassette tapes of his favorites (as a 5-year-old) of Handel’s Water Music and Bach’s Brandenburg Concerti. It wouldn’t be until High School where he was given his first chance to conduct an actual ensemble, but that chance (and the impression it made on his gracious mentors) led to opportunities shortly after catapulting his professional career.

This paved the way for his career in New York as a music director and conductor culminating with his Broadway debut conducting Jersey Boys and his Carnegie Hall debut conducting the New York Pops.

Additional notable credits include Beautiful (Broadway), Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway), Broadway Rox, Pearl, Imaginary Boy, Bollywood & Vine, Bubble Boy, and many more. His work as a private music director and pianist for stars of the stage include John Lloyd Young, Christian Hoff, J. Robert Spencer, Daniel Reichard, Dominic Nolfi, Ryan Molloy, N’Kenge, and Matt Bogart.

He’s the touring keyboardist/pianist and music director for world music artist Erol Josué.

He holds various certificates of completion from international festivals and various awards from international competitions. His credits as a studio musician are extensive and cover nearly all genres. The bands and movies he can be heard playing on/with continue to grow.

Please reach out for additional credits, references, or recordings, but visit Charles’ profile on SoundCloud if you’d like to start with a long list of listening examples.

Other services

Arranger / Orchestrator

As with many music directors, Charles’s experience as an arranger / orchestrator started with producers and directors asking him to do things he had never done which they just assumed were part of being a music director… read more »

Music Producer

Charles’s career as a music producer was a trial-by-fire lit by early collaborators who saw his potential as a producer long before he did. That, mixed with him being bold enough to actually say yes to insane requests… read more »

For additional information on services provided as a conductor and pianist, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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