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Appreciation and performance of modern music gave a unique and edgy approach to arranging and orchestrating.

Arranger / Orchestrator

As with many music directors, Charles’s experience as an arranger / orchestrator started with producers and directors asking him to do things he had never done which they just assumed were part of being a music director.

Fortunately saying yes to requests he wasn’t entirely sure he could deliver on led to real life professional experience and pressure which helped his career much more than he could’ve possibly imagined.

His formal education in classical music mixed with his experience as a pianist and percussionist have made a graceful collision with his appreciation and performance of modern music to give a unique and edgy approach to arranging and orchestrating.

Presently his clients range from classical superstars like Joshua Bell to Broadway stars like J. Robert Spencer, Christian Hoff, & N’Kenge to international recording artists like Erol Josué and indy rock bands like The High Plains Drifters.

His arrangements and orchestrations have also appeared in multiple movies including To The Moon, Cardinal Sins, Change, and Playback with the feature films Bollywood & Vine and Parallelogram forthcoming.

Charles has arranged and orchestrated over 20 full-length musicals (list and examples available upon request) as well as Brundibár (an opera) and Father Abraham, Mother Maya (a ballet).

In addition he has arranged and orchestrated numerous solo acts and concert experiences including Broadway Rox, Genesis (forthcoming), and Carole’s Kings.

Visit Charles’ profile on SoundCloud to listen to numerous examples and don’t hesitate to reach out directly for more.

Other services

Conductor / Pianist

Charles’s experience as a pianist and conductor range from the most formal venues and ensembles to the most experimental and modern. He first sat down at a piano at age 2 plunking out tunes… read more »

Music Producer

Charles’s career as a music producer was a trial-by-fire lit by early collaborators who saw his potential as a producer long before he did. That, mixed with him being bold enough to actually say yes to insane requests… read more »

For additional information on services provided as an arranger and orchestrator, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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