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More than 5 years before the 2020 pandemic, Charles had already established effective remote collaborative methods.

Music Producer

Charles’s career as a music producer was a trial-by-fire lit by early collaborators who saw his potential as a producer long before he did. That, mixed with him being bold enough to actually say yes to insane requests, was the beginning of an impressive range of albums and recordings spanning over 20 years and nearly all music genres.


More than 5 years before the 2020 pandemic, Charles had already established effective remote collaborative methods which made recording projects possible regardless of where he was in the world at the time (putting him far ahead of the curve in this presently remote- and tech-driven world of creative collaborations).

His ability to make demos, arrange, orchestrate, record multiple keyboard and percussion instruments, and program any remaining instruments have led to an extremely efficient way of developing songs and albums with artists and song-writers at reasonable prices.


He has also established a network of top-notch musicians who, like him, can collaborate both in-person (in cities throughout the world) or remotely (from their own home studios) to offer various ways (and various budget tiers) to complete projects.


Click here for various examples of Charles’s work as a music producer on SoundCloud.


Concept and/or cast albums include: The Music of Get Got; Cric? Crac!; Imaginary Boy; Rapunzarella White; Tempest

Notable singles include: All Washed Up (They Say) – Dr. John; Message In A Bottle – Christian Hoff; Lift Every Voice & Sing 2020 – Kecia Lewis & Jennie Harney-Fleming; Atompa and Garçon Solide – Erol Josué

Recent Albums: Pèlerinaj – Erol Josué; The High Plains Drifters – The High Plains Drifters (co-produced with Greg Cohen); The Long Way Home – Minda Larsen

Sync Licensing Libraries: LPX – Logic Pro X-periments; CZMaestro – First Week on Logic

Canned/Tracked shows for live performance: Carole’s Kings, Genesis; Tempest; Rapunzarella White

Other services

Arranger / Orchestrator

As with many music directors, Charles’s experience as an arranger / orchestrator started with producers and directors asking him to do things he had never done which they just assumed were part of being a music director… read more »

Conductor / Pianist

Charles’s experience as a pianist and conductor range from the most formal venues and ensembles to the most experimental and modern. He first sat down at a piano at age 2 plunking out tunes… read more »

For additional information on services provided as a music producer, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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